dinsdag 7 juni 2011

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mirsini's creations zei

Hi my cute friend Simone!! Can you please come to my blog?! I have something for you!!!

Too Cute Things zei

A big thankz Mirsini, for the honour and love you gave me bij granted me with the "irrestistible sweet" blog award!

What a surprise!
I'm very happy and glad that you and many others can enjoy and like the photo's i share...
a big hug and a lovely weekend,

with love,
Simone XXX

noofje zei

Gefeliciteerd met je award. Wat mij betreft heb je hem dik verdiend :-)

Too Cute Things zei

ThankXXX Noofje,
nog een relaxed weekendje!

Bohemian zei

Thank you for visiting my Blog and becoming a supporter, it has now given me the opportunity to discover your beautiful Blog! I can see we are drawn towards very similar imagery and styles... kindred Bohemian Spirits. I've saved a few images I had never seen before to my favorites now!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Carousel Dreams zei

What a beautiful little world you have here...Your pictures are just lovely...last night I spent quite some time looking through all of your gorgeous seems our tastes are very's so lovely to meet you x