woensdag 15 juni 2011

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noofje zei

Wat leuk dat haar. Super!!!

Kim zei

What a great way to start my morning....seeing a picture of the gorgeous Joaquin Phoenix! ;)

Too Cute Things zei

Jaa, gaaf he?! Noofje, zal wel een heel werk geweest zijn...maar resultaat is er dan wel naar!

Too Cute Things zei

Thankz Kim, yes he is so WOW, i could't not resist to place his photo hahahaha...
lovely week,

Tricia zei

Well imagine my surprise when I go to one of my favorite blog sites for inspiration and beautiful images and see pictures of my own office and home!!! I am honored you like my home enough to blog about it... Thank you!
My shots are the 2 of china cabinets with dishes, the blue cabinet with Native American pottery on top and fringe bags hanging on the front, the Afghan wedding dress with Moroccan lamp hanging next to it and the pic of a turquoise pendant and Buddha shrine pendant. I love your blog, thank you for all the beautiful inspiring photos.
Tricia Fountaine

Too Cute Things zei

Thank you Tricia for your beautiful photo's, i love your style so much that i want to share it on my blog, thankXXX for letting me and your kind reaction!!

With love,